CDR Fraud Detection System


The Call Detail Record (CDR) fraud detection system is an innovative and complex IT solution that was started from scratch, being designed and implemented by the Genix Solutions professional team. The system is a PBX/VoIP cloud-based product and was released for IT Soft, our client located in Israel. The primary aims of the released product are to significantly reduce the number of illegitimate calls and provide smart monitoring and constant protection from potential threats.

The CDR fraud detection system provides a 24/7 monitoring service in real time, alerts the distribution list via email and/or SMS, follows up with customers by creating constant notifications until the problem is resolved, and allows full remote troubleshooting of the event.

The system modules are:

  • Registration/login feature and user management.
  • User authentication/authorisation system.
  • Private user zone including sub-accounts management.
  • Switchboard management (switchboard details management, payment configuration, technical details settings, destinations configuration, business days configuration, call details).
  • CDR types dynamic configuration and settings.
  • Alert types management.
  • Alert generation. Sending the alarm notifications to system users. Browsing through the list of alerts inside the system.
  • Reporting module.
  • Basic CMS functionality.

The system is now live and all its components are performing effectively. The CDR fraud detection system has succeeded in passing the check on its feature activities, and drew the attention of large businesses. The system is now being implemented in numerous big enterprises throughout Israel.


Fraud Detection System


Angular JS Apache Velocity Bootstrap Hibernate Jasper Reports Java Spring Spring MVC


Intellij IDEA Google Docs Jira


Agile Scrum

Project Details

Duration: 7 months
Team Size: 4
Country: Israel

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