Energy Management System (EMS)

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The Energy Management System (EMS) is part of an affordable mass market energy management platform consisting of the Smart Distribution Panel (SDP) and the EMS itself.

The SDP is installed as a regular electricity panel at the enduser’s premises. It provides a central, integrative and automated energy management solution.

The EMS is the software used by energy solution providers (ESPs), such as electricity utilities, energy retailers and building managers, to improve their efficiency, reduce peak demand and offer value-added services to customers. It is a modular, web-based software package designed to adapt itself to ESPs’ needs. The core module facilitates data transfer to and from the deployed SDPs. Layered above are business applications, such as system admin, setup, monitoring and control, reporting, etc.

The whole platform enables electricity sellers and electricity buyers to reduce their total energy costs while improving comfort, safety and environmental protection.

Genix Solutions began its participation in this project as the company implementing the user interface (UI) of the EMS. After completing this part of the project, we were tasked with solving tasks associated with the completion of the functionality of the first version of the product (the implementation of basic and necessary functions of the application). Thus, from a technical point of view, we conduct development on all modules of the system at every layer of the system architecture.

At the moment, all the work of implementing the functionality of the first version of the application has been successfully completed and the EMS is running and operating.


Energy Managements System


Angular JS Apache Velocity Bootstrap Java Java Script Spring Spring Integration Spring MVC


Intellij IDEA Google Docs Jira


Agile Scrum

Project Details

Duration: 6 months
Team Size: 2
Country: Canada

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