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OASYS is a corporate enterprise solution that was started from scratch, being designed and implemented especially for ESET Ukraine, a leading global antivirus products provider and one of our regular customers. The automation of the ESET partner network working process is the main task of the system.

OASYS provides wide functionality:

  • The company’s partners have access to a fully automated login/registration feature.
  • It is possible for ESET partners to fill in the application forms to buy the company’s products by themselves.
  • Fulfilment of the completed (by partners) application forms automatically. The licence is created on the servers in Slovakia and is delivered by the system to the end user via email or SMS.
  • Management of the ESET customers (licence owners) database.
  • Forming of the primary accounting records.
  • Conducting of the company’s partners’ mutual records.
  • The system generates various reports about the working processes of the company partners’ channel.
  • Access to the history of the operations with the end users as well as the end users’ operation history storage.
  • External services to communicate with another company’s sales channels.

The system is currently in production mode and all the features mentioned above have been successfully released. Because ESET Ukraine is dynamic, growing and developing, new changes in the company’s business processes have occurred. Due to this, OASYS requires the current functional adjustment. That’s why Genix Solutions experts provide constant support to the system and adapt its functions to our customers’ needs and demands.


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Angular Apache Velocity Hibernate Jasper Reports JSF 2.0 Prime Faces PrimeNG REST services (JAX-RS) Spring Spring Data JPA Spring Data MongoDB Web services (JAX-WS)


Intellij IDEA Google Docs Jenkins Jira


Agile Scrum

Project Details

Duration: 16 months
Team Size: 8
Country: Ukraine

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