Price Optimizer – UI


The Price Optimizer is a tool that enables banks to construct a better core price on which to base end client and electronic trading prices (for laying off risk to market venues). It takes into account a bank’s risk appetite, the liquidity executable by the bank, and the expected price movements during the round-trip time between setting the price and accepting risk based on that price.
Our responsibilities in this project were to integrate with the Intelligent Spread Engine Spot Bank Core Rate (ISE SBCR) application and implement the user interface (UI) for the Price Optimizer according to the provided specifications.

The UI creates further opportunities, since it:

  • Allows the traders to control the rate that is shown to the clients by adjusting ISE alpha, the skew of the price, and the minimum spread. It also allows data to be shown on the diagrams in real-time mode.
  • Allows users to change ISE parameters, e.g. the resampling frequency.
  • Add and/or delete a new currency pair, and stop the existing ISE SBCR engine.

This solution was built and developed from scratch by the Genix Solutions team based on the client’s requirements. Our company notes that the UI for ISE SBCR was successfully released as a united and ‘live’ application.


Banking Finance


ExtJS Hibernate Java Spring Spring Integration Spring MVC


Intellij IDEA Google Docs Jira


Agile Scrum

Project Details

Duration: 5 months
Team Size: 2
Country: Israel

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