ESET Box Registration & Management System

The world-leading antivirus software provider ESET Ukraine offers its clients and partners several easy ways to obtainits products. The boxed version of the company’s software solution is available in retail outlets, supermarkets and online stores. The box registration and management system, as a complex solution, was started from scratch, being developed and implemented by the Genix Solutions team.

The main functions of the represented system are:

  • Easy activation of the packaged software by endusers.
  • ESET box version activation by company partners for their own customers.
  • ‘Live’ box condition monitoring.
  • Available boxes create/edit/delete feature.
  • Full deactivation of the packaged software.
  • Box history tracking feature.
  • Box data import/export as an .xls file.
  • Sync with OASYS, the corporate system implemented especially for ESET by Genix Solutions, and other extra services for licence management.

All of the above-mentioned features were designed and developed by Genix Solutions experts, and they have been performing successfully for three years. All our customers’ demands and requests have been turned into a successful digital solution. The Genix Solutions team is grateful to ESET Ukraine and hopes that the released project is useful, serves its purposes, and completely satisfies all the current needs of our client and its partners.


  • Ecommerce
  • Retail


  • Apache Velocity
  • Hibernate
  • Jasper Reports
  • JSF 2.0
  • Prime Faces
  • Spring
  • Web services (JAX-WS)